Slips, Trips, Falls

As winter is on us and we have entered 2021, it is a prime time to consider proven risk mitigation tactics as part of a yearly safety strategy. With fall injuries costing U.S. employers $70 billion a year, your...

Winter Weather Awareness and Readiness Plan

Winter weather is just around the corner and can create a variety of conditions including snow, ice, rain, and freezing temperatures. Each one of these weather conditions is associated with different hazards,...

Improvement is Wisdom

Submit your near misses September Near Misses Improvement is Wisdom Improving is the difference between knowledge and wisdom. The primary difference between the two words is that wisdom involves a healthy...

Risk Assessment and Preparation

Submit your near misses August Near Misses Risk Assessment and Preparation Risk Assessment and PreparationWe have all expressed our feeling of weariness over trying to assess just what is safe in the context...

Achieving Safety Goals

Submit your near misses July Near Misses Achieving Safety Goals Any company that focuses on improving workplace safety aims to get their employees home in the same health or better than they came into...

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Eagle Infrastructure Services Compliance Website is available for all employees and contractors of its subsidiary companies. The company provides this compliance website and hotline to allow employees and contractors to report concerns regarding: workplace safety; compliance with laws, rules and regulations; the workplace environment; and compliance with policies and procedures. The compliance website and hotline are managed by a third-party who does not have information regarding payroll, benefits, job assignments or other similar job-specific information. You may choose to remain anonymous in any report to the third-party administrator. For additional information, you may also visit the FAQ section.